Monday, July 1, 2019

God has presented a challenging ministry opportunity to a small group of us Holy Comforter youth. From this Saturday, July 6 through July 13, we will be going on a mission trip to Boston! During the trip we will be working with ministries who support those struggling with poverty. We will also be learning more about the people and history of Boston.

We have each written a small summary of why we want to go on this trip and how we believe it will impact our spiritual relationship with God and our friendships. 

I want to attend the Boston mission trip because I believe it will be a very good experience to bring me closer to my youth group friends and God. The long traveling hours, support to the community, and sightseeing activities will be great for me and my peers to better know each other's personalities and character. I’m especially excited for the service work because I will be able to see God working through the people we help, our own actions, and our effect on others. Owen Setlik  
I am very excited to be going to Boston this summer for our mission trip. I would like to go on this trip because it would give me a chance to experience how God is working in other people's lives outside of my community. I hope that this trip will bring me closer to my Holy Comforter friends and community and that I will be able to see God in a new way and to help anyone that might be struggling to find Him. I hope to learn about the historical significance of Boston and be able to bring back what I learn and see about God and apply it to my own life. Tommy Setlik 
I am looking forward to the mission trip to Boston this summer because it will provide me opportunities to find God in a new setting. It will also help me to grow closer to the Holy Comforter community and I will be able to see God work through the people around me. I think it is important for us to explore new ways of spreading God’s glory and love, and this mission trip provides the perfect opportunity for worship and service towards others. Will Setlik 
When I heard about the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Boston, I was thrilled! As a native Bostonian, I have come to understand the many struggles that Boston faces especially with homelessness. By serving people so different from us, I feel confident that as a group we will be humbled by our work. This summer, I hope to not only strengthen my relationships with an amazing group of people but also recognize the fortunate position that God has put me in. Mark Strand  
I’m excited for the Boston mission trip because it will be a great opportunity for my friends and I to find God in new people and experiences. The trip will give us time to look outside ourselves while helping others and exploring a new city. I’m excited to learn more about the history of Boston, and to also have the opportunity to spend time helping people in need. During the trip I hope to build new relationships with the people I meet while also strengthening my relationships with my youth group friends. Gwendolyn Mehigan  
I have been looking for ways to explore my faith, and I am excited to say that this is the first time I will be going on an official mission trip! I have served at my Christian summer camp for the past two years, but I have never experienced a mission trip. I am looking forward to giving back by helping give out food, visiting a hospital, and helping children. In addition to service, I am excited to really see God working in and through others on this trip. I have never been to Boston and I am looking forward to traveling and sightseeing as well. Overall, I hope this trip will bring me closer to my peers and God. Abbey Setlik   
I am so excited to go on the Boston mission trip this summer! I am so looking forward to spending time with my youth group friends and going on a spiritual journey together, growing in our relationship with God. I am looking forward to community service and spending time with people who might need some light in their lives. I am excited to see how God uses this trip to spread His word and kindness, and how we all grow in our faith together. Emma Setlik  
When I first heard about mission trips, it was from my sisters who went on one together. They talked about how much fun they had and how good they felt for all of the good things they did while they were on their trip. When I heard it was to Boston, I was immediately excited because I know Massachusetts fairly well. I see this trip as an opportunity to help people less fortunate than I am while also experiencing new things and bonding with the other youth in my church. Libby Cammiso  
This Boston mission trip this summer will be extremely impactful for me because I will learn and experience the ways God moves through me and others. Different work projects and helping distribute food are just two of the ways that we all will experience God working through us to help others. This trip will also allow me to build important friendships with new friends and expand relationships with current friends. The long car rides, multiple miles of walking, and all working together to complete a common goal are some of the ways we can advance these relationships. I am super excited to go on this trip, and I hope you see why this trip is so important for us. Cailean Gordon  
I have always wanted to go on a mission trip, and I am beyond excited for this summer’s Boston Mission Trip! From what I’ve seen already, the group is so much fun and I enjoy strengthening our friendships while strengthening our relationship with God. I hope to create a bright spot in the lives of those we will be able to help, and I hope to have a blast while doing so! Isobel Matsukas

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