Friday, July 12, 2019

Day 5

Thursday started off at Rosie’s Place in south Boston. We were pleasantly greeted by Eddie who was one of the workers at Rosie’s Place. We were divided into many groups with different jobs. Mark and I sliced bread and placed them into four different containers. Other jobs involved slicing tomatoes, cleaning tables, and preparing tables for lunch. As the women were allowed to enter the cafeteria, we served them the bread and soup that served as the appetizer for their meal. After their appetizer, we constructed an assembly line to create around 140 plates for all of the women. Cailean, Tommy, and Denis walked the plates over to Jon who connected with the women as he gave them their plates.
-Cailean G

Denis was driving a lot of us to Rosie’s Place, where he spent at least twenty five minutes finding a spot to park in the city of Boston, where parking is super hard to find a spot and its extremely expensive. We went in the building, and walked through a lot of women that looked like they all had interesting stories. Eddie gave us a locker that we shared, and then he gives us supplies to use. Immediately he told me and Mark to cut tomatoes and I liked that a lot more than I thought I would. Then, I was the main bread handler person and soup giver. We dealt with difficult people for sure, but we also met some great people. After Rosie’s Place, we drove somewhere. It turns out, we want to a cemetery. It was difficult for many people including myself, when we were told to think about death. It made me very sad, but in the end, I saw God in Emma Setlik when I silently needed a hug and she offered one to me. I learned how to think about sad things without being depressed, but being content-ish. I bonded a lot with Denis and I feel so much better about being a part of Holy Comforter, because I truly feel welcomed and loved.
-Libby C

Today was my favourite day of service. We went to a women’s shelter called Rosie’s Place. We prepared the meal by cutting tomatoes, making drinks, and preparing bread plates. When it was time to serve lunch, we made plates from big batches of salad, meat, corn, carrots, and fruit. We brought the plates right to the tables. I believe we plated and served about 145 plates, and it was amazing to see how we can we together to efficiently feed all the women. After Rosie’e Place we traveled to Concord to see the Sleepy Hollow cemetery. We had a unique experience in reflection and the peace of God’s creation.


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